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I work with companies to create beautiful products.

I craft applications

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Full Stack Development

I am interested in shipping well designed, working software. I've built front end applications for startups Bugherd and Fastmail.

I have a vast amount of experience working with Rails, Node.js and Python. I care about writing high quality, well tested software and delivering value to each of my clients.

Website Review 

It’s a full breakdown of your website or application. I'll analyse the most important features in your user experience and ways you are able to improve these features. I’ll suggest changes to your applications appearance and a range of new features to add.

I’ll identify components of your application that need improvement to increase conversions. You'll receive detailed, actionable advice and strategies to improve the functionality of your site or application. 


When you hire me to work on your project, you're not just hiring a developer - you're hiring somebody to guide you throughout your project from inception to completion.

I work with clients to deliver high quality, robust, web development solutions with the purpose of enhancing their business and increasing revenue.

I'm able to develop solutions for business selling services, products and e-commerce stores. I work with clients to identify business goals and then to design and develop a digital solution to exceed those goals.


I love testing. I create unit and end to end tests for your codebase and fix any existing tests. I'll strike the perfect balance between specific and broad tests that give maximum code coverage on the hot paths of your application. I'll also create tests for the core functionality of non-critical components. I offer testing as a monthly service, for a fixed fee.

Matthew’s ability to come up with creative solutions, excellent implementation and stay on schedule are among the reasons why we use his services. In fact, we couldn’t have found anyone better suited for the job.
— Paulo Palha, The Most Perfect View



Matthew hails from Melbourne, Australia. His work focuses on front end development and design. His experience includes running his own development company 'Matthew Borden Web' and working with Melbourne based startups Fastmail and Bugherd. Matthew currently studies Computer Science at Monash University. Matthew has previously studied Information Technology Systems, Software Development and Interactive Digital Media. His Certificate 3 in Interactive Digital Media, focused on Website Design. As an Independent Developer, Matthew specialised in Web Application Development. His interests are static types, MVC architectures, Javascript, Node and Ruby.

Let's Work Together

I am currently available for new projects. Please contact me with a little information about your project and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Think we would work well together on a long term basis? Get in touch and I'll send you some more information about myself.